Solidarity at Carrefour

For Carrefour, being involved in solidarity means helping people every day in the countries in which the Group operates. Drawing on its profession as a retailer and its knowledge of local conditions, Carrefour provides support for people of all social backgrounds and works with non-profit organisations to address a highly diverse range of issues at local, national and international levels.

Open to the world, one of Carrefour’s missions is to strengthen ties between populations by suppor ting the development of people and communities in need and their integration. To that end, Carrefour is involved in food programmes supported by the Carrefour Foundation, through sponsorship projects conducted at country level and through the solidarity initiatives deployed by its stores and warehouses. In fact, it is the sum of the solidarity actions conducted by Carrefour day in day out that delineates its active commitment to society at large.

A shared commitment

Being involved in solidarity is everyone’s concern

In addition to the operational commitment and financial suppor t provided by the company, Carrefour encourages the ongoing involvement of its employees, stores, warehouses and head offi ces, all of which engage in solidarity actions on a daily basis. Employees and customers are at the heart of the community involvement conducted by Carrefour.

Promoting social inclusion: a main priority

Working with associations

Carrefour offers its multi-local retailing expertise and the skills of its employees to associations, particularly to promote the social and vocational reintegration of the chronically unemployed. The Group is also actively involved in the fi ght against exclusion through community food actions.

Transmission of skills

Sharing know-how

Carrefour encourages the sharing and transmission of know-how by its employees, particularly by promoting food trades and supporting vocational integration.

Continuous support for local associations

Working in partnership with community stakeholders

Carrefour engages in outreach projects with the support of its stores rooted in the local community by relying on non-profit organisations that work directly with people in need.


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