Quality at the best value for money

A broad product offering with everyday low prices

Products are our core business. Our product offer is based on a number of unchanging principles – a broad selection, the lowest prices, the highest quality, compliance with manufacturing conditions and a balanced diet for all – and promotes responsible consumption.


Satisfy the needs of as many people as possible
To cater to the needs of our customers throughout the world, we refine our offering to provide them with a selection of fresh products, products from local suppliers, major-brand products, essential non-food items, the best new innovations and day-to-day retail services. Satisfying all our customers is also about being attentive to their expectations in terms of ethics, values and meaning as well as to certain specific needs. The Carrefour product range has been carefully developed to reflect the social responsibility principles that underpin the Group’s actions.

Ensuring product quality
Quality is essential for gaining our customers’ trust in the long term. It is in our genes. Our products all meet strict and intangible requirements in terms of quality and safety.  We must reaffirm our quality culture continually, making sure we are the best we can be, particularly in fresh products, by strengthening partnerships with the producers and livestock farmers who guarantee an unparalleled level of quality. Our priority is maintaining the best relationship between quality and value for money in everyone’s interests.

Improving the legibility of our product range
We must ensure that our offering is of high quality and easy to understand, particularly in terms of pricing. In our view it is essential to prioritise effectiveness over simple proliferation. In practice, this means we focus on products from the most popular major brands, sold at market prices. Carrefour brands complement these and focus on a selection of simple, high-quality products and an increasingly extensive range of regional products. To make shopping easier, we are also improving product displays through easily understandable merchandising.

Supporting responsible procurement
As the world's second largest retailer, we are aware of our responsibility as a major purchaser. We are working on our sourcing processes at an international level:
•    we are making efforts to protect biodiversity and natural resources and thus ensure the economic sustainability of our activities.
•    we are taking tangible actions to improve the traceability of our sources of supply.
•    we also support our partners and suppliers in their approach to corporate social responsibility and in continually improving working conditions on the production line.

-> Read the Carrefour Social ans Ethical Charter for suppliers

•    We maintain long-term partnerships that value our suppliers’ long-term commitment to responsibility.

Guaranteeing the best prices every day
Offering our customers products at a fair price is essential to Carrefour. Our pricing policy is based on low prices every day, with more targeted promotions to restore our customers’ purchasing power. Every day, we work to make sure that they get the best prices, without compromising on quality.

Encouraging sales of local products
An appreciation of regional products and being part of the local community are fundamental to us. It is why we give our store managers and their teams the flexibility to adapt their product range to their catchment area and their customers’ expectations. We establish solid relationships with local suppliers and encourage direct links between our customers and producers. Our stores are embedded in their environment in all the countries and regions in which we operate.


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