A general product offering with low prices every day

Hypermarkets are large stores offering a wide range of food and non-food items, low prices and targeted promotions: the ideal store format for anyone doing a major shopping trip.

Winning on price
Carrefour is committed to restoring its customers’ purchasing power. The Group therefore operates an uncompromising pricing policy in over 1,300 hypermarkets throughout the world with the aim of maintaining an unbeatable price image.

    . Loyalty programmes support our actions to increase household purchasing power.
    . The Group’s sales and promotional campaigns are also highly attractive.

Over 13.5 million active customers have
a Carrefour loyalty card in France

Stores that make shopping easier

With sales areas of between 2,400 and 23,000 sq.m., Carrefour's hypermarkets feature an extremely wide range of both food and non-food products. The aim is to guide customers better so that they can find the products they are looking for easily.

Carrefour is doing everything it can all over the world to make its stores more pleasant, friendly and shopping-orientated, developing solutions that are increasingly tailored to meet customer needs, starting with a drive to simplify the product offering.

The Group is working hard to reduce waiting times at the checkout, for example by experimenting with a “single queue” system. This means that customers wait in a single queue and are guided to the next available checkout via a screen.

A wide, customised product offering

Hypermarkets are tailored to the profile and purchasing power of their clientele. For example, in five of its French stores, Carrefour has been experimenting with a new “budget shopping” aisle, in which a selection of 300 to 600 daily products are on sale at the lowest prices on the market. This way, customers can choose from a wide selection of major-brand and own-brand products, as well as a selection of regional products.

In addition to grocery products, Carrefour hypermarkets also showcase self-service or cut to order fresh products with counters managed by food professionals.

From household appliances to multimedia, textiles, DIY and decorating supplies, furniture and more Customers also have access to a wide range of non-food products to meet their needs.

Continual expansion

Carrefour is continuing the development of its hypermarket format wherever the Group operates. In 2012, the Group opened 53 new hypermarkets throughout the world.

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