The Carrefour supermarket company is set up by the Fournier, Badin and Defforey families who run a discount supermarket in Annecy.

Carrefour opens its first supermarket in Annecy, Haute-Savoie.


The LLC Promodis, the forerunner of Promodès, is created. The company was formed through a merger of two wholesaler families from Normandy, managed by Paul-Auguste Halley and Leonor Duval-Lemonnier.

Promodès opens its first supermarket in Mantes-la-Ville (Yvelines).

Carrefour invents a new store concept: the hypermarket. The first Carrefour hypermarket opens in Sainte-Geneviève-des-bois, with a floor area of 2,500 sq.m, 12 checkouts and 400 parking spaces.  

Carrefour invents a new store concept: the hypermarket. The first Carrefour hypermarket opens in Sainte-Geneviève-des-bois, with a floor area of 2,500 sq.m, 12 checkouts and 400 parking spaces.  


Carrefour shares are listed on the Paris stock exchange.

Promodès hypermarkets adopt the Continent banner name. Convenience stores will operate under the Shopi banner.

Carrefour opens its first hypermarket in Spain, under the store Pryca banner.


Carrefour opens its first hypermarket in Brazil.

Carrefour introduces "produits libres", which are unbranded products but "just as good, and cheaper".

Promodès creates the convenience store chain 8 à Huit.

Development of hard discount: Carrefour creates the Ed chain in France, and Promodès the Dia banner in Spain.

Carrefour introduces its own payment card: the Pass Card.
Promodès branches out into franchising with Champion supermarkets.

The first Carrefour hypermarket opens in Argentina.

Carrefour launches Carrefour Insurance Services.

Carrefour brand-name products are introduced.

Promodès acquires the 128 supermarkets of the Primistères group.
Introduction of the slogan "Avec Carrefour, je positive".

The first Carrefour hypermarket opens in Asia, in Taiwan.

Carrefour takes over the French hypermarket chains Euromarché and Montlaur.
Opening of the first hypermarkets Continent in Greece.
Carrefour launches Carrefour Vacances (Travel services).  


Carrefour creates filière quality systems, which guarantee product origin and traceability.  


Carrefour opens its first hypermarkets in Italy and Turkey.

Carrefour opens its first hypermarkets in Mexico and Malaysia.

Carrefour opens its first hypermarkets in China.

  • Promodès launches the brand name Reflets de France, created to preserve the traditions of French cuisine.
  • Carrefour continues to grow in Asia, adding Thailand, Korea and Hong Kong to its list.
  • Promodès acquires the convenience store chain Félix Potin.  

Carrefour opens its first hypermarkets in Singapore and Poland.
Promodès acquires the supermarket chain Catteau.
Carrefour introduces the brand names Escapades Gourmandes, specializing in rare or little known traditional products, and Carrefour Bio, a certified organic line of food products.  

Carrefour takes a controlling interest in Comptoirs Modernes: 16 Mammouth hypermarkets become partners of the group and switch to the Carrefour store name. With this purchase Carrefour enters supermarket activity with Stoc and the convenience store banner with Marché Plus. Promodès acquires minority stakes in foreign food retailing groups: GB in Belgium, Norte in Argentina and GS in Italy. Carrefour opens its first hypermarkets in Chile, Colombia and Indonesia. Promodès introduces the brand name Destination Saveurs, a line celebrating exotic products.

Carrefour and Promodès merge to create the largest European food retailing group (second largest worldwide). Carrefour acquires 85 supermarkets in Brazil, through the regional chains Lojas Americanas, Planaltao, Roncetti, Mineirao, Rainha, Dallas and Continente.

Carrefour strengthens Promodès's ties with its partners by increasing its ownership equity in Norte in Argentina, Gruppo GS in Italy, Marinopoulos in Greece and GB in Belgium. The Carrefour and Maus groups team up in the hypermarket niche in Switzerland. Carrefour, Sears and Oracle create the first worldwide electronic market place for retailer: GlobalNetXchange. After the two groups merge, all Continent hypermarkets become Carrefour stores and supermarkets adopt the Champion name in France. Pryca and Continente merge in Spain to become Carrefour. Launch of the on-line supermarket Ooshop. Carrefour opens its first hypermarket in Japan. Launch of the global Shareholding plan reserved for Carrefour employees. Over 200,000 of them (60% of the workforce) subscribe to this plan.

Carrefour sells its interest in Picard Surgelés. Carrefour has inaugurated 17 Carrefour service stations on France's motorway networks. Carrefour Argentina takes over management of Norte, the largest food retailer in Argentina. Carrefour acquires the Espirito Santo group's interest in Carrefour Portugal. Carrefour and Metro AG dispose of their cross-stakes in France and Italy. Carrefour sells its 42% stake in Cora to Deutsche Bank.

Exchange offer of CARREFOUR on CENTROS COMERCIALES CARREFOUR. The shareholders of Carrefour have approved the capital increase for the funding of the public tender offer launched by Carrefour for the shares of Centros Comerciales Carrefour, its Spanish subsidiary.


ED and Coop Atlantique sign a franchise agreement. Carrefour establishes a European property company, "Carrefour Property". Carrefour announces the sale of its share in Modelo Continente and its purchase of 13 hypermarkets in Poland from Ahold. Sonae purchases Carrefour's share (22.37%) in Modelo Continente, S.G.P.S., S.A. With the purchase of 13 Hypernova hypermarkets from Ahold, Carrefour becomes Poland's second-largest hypermarket company. The 58 BP motorway stores take on the trade name Proxi service. The first Champion supermarket opens for business in China.

Strengthening of the Group’s positions: Poland: acquisition of 12 hypermarkets Hypernova from Ahold. Italy: acquisition, through a partnership with Aligros, of 160 mainly convenience stores in the Apulia region. Turkey: acquisition of 2 turkish retail banners Gima (81 supermarkets) et Endi (45 hard discount stores Discount). Cyprus: purchase of Chris Cash&Carry holding 3 hypermarkets and 3 supermarkets Brasil: acquisition of 10 hypermarkets from the Sonae Group in Sao Paolo France: purchase of 101 magasins Penny Market stores under the Ed banner Taïwan (September) : acquisition of 6 hypermarkets and 2 other projects currently from Tesco Disvestitures:   Japan: the Goup’s activities (8 hypermarkets) were divested to Aeon which operate these stores as franchises. Mexico: the Group sold all of its assets (29 hypermarkets) to Chedraui. France: sale of Prodirest to Transgourmet (Rewe). Slovakia and the Czech Republic: sale of 15 hypermarkets to Tesco. Spain: sale of Puntocash cash&carry chain to Miquel Alimentacio Group   Launch of the third generation of Carrefour products in France : Carrefour, Carrefour Agir and Carrefour Sélection      

After the friendly simplified offering for Hyparlo launched by Carrefour group in December 2005, Carrefour consolidates its strong position in France with the integration of 12 hypermarket and of a new engine for growth with the integration of 5 hypermarkets in Romania.
In Spain, Carrefour Spain acquires 4 hypermarkets and 2 petrol stations from Caprabo.
The group is developing new concepts (Carrefour Express, mini hypermarket,…) and is accelerating the pace of organic growth. Results: opening of 103 hypermarkets and 1.4 million sq.m of new sales floor area created.
In Taiwan, with the integration of Carrefour Tesco, in July, Carrefour now has 45 hypermarkets.
Cyprus welcomes its first Carrefour hypermarket in Limassol.
In Poland, the acquisition of Ahold Polska has catapulted the Group to the second place in the country’s grocery retail market.
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