Excellence in fresh produce

To guarantee you the freshness, diversity and dynamics of affordable fresh produce, Carrefour relies on a wide range of expertise each day.


True artisans serving customers

The quality of fresh produce at Carrefour depends above all on the expertise of growers, bakers, butchers, pork butchers, fishmongers, cheesemongers and others. In Carrefour’s stores, several thousands of artisans, passionate about doing a job well and offering a “good” product, meet with local producers, select quality products, pre-pare or make products in the store, create new recipes, bring their stalls to life and advise customers.

Every year, Carrefour builds upon this professional expertise by training a number of artisans and apprentices.

A lively offer

In most stores, the fresh produce depart-ment is designed like a town square or market place, with abundant, colourful stalls, meats prepared on site, fresh fish, as well as pastries baked in the store and cakes prepared by pastry chefs, along with an attractive variety of tastings, events and promotions. At Carrefour, fresh produce department managers – like all department managers – have a large autonomy to lead and innovate, and to anticipate local expecta - tions. For example, in Poland, after observing customer habits and expectations, the pro-duction of smoked meats in hypermarkets was developed. Likewise, the “Feria de Frescos” campaign promotes the consump-tion of fresh produce among Argentinian customers.


Fresh produce also includes a wide selec-tion of self-service products. Affordability, quality and freshness come together. In French stores, cus-tomers can easily find products “selected by our caterers, our cheesemongers, our greengrocers, etc.”.

Shorter supply channels

Nearly three-quarters of food products sold in stores come from national suppliers. The benefits are immediate: shorter transport time and fewer intermediaries, resulting in more in-store freshness and quality; local products, offering more choice, flavour and enjoyment for customers; lower logistics costs; long-term partnerships with regional suppliers; end finally, the assurance of fair prices. Carrefour is the first retailer to structure and standardise this process with its Carrefour Quality Lines, establishing a direct and sustainable relationship with its partners.

Quality control at every level

Quality teams work at every step in the chain to guarantee outstanding fresh produce, from production to the shelves. Controls are carried out in every area: sanitary analyses,  organoleptic testing, traceability, on-site audits, compliance with the cold chain, etc.

The quality of procedures, products and suppliers is also checked by independent bodies. Each year, nearly 3,000 inspections and over 1,000 analyses are carried out on Carrefour Quality  lines in France.


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