Confidence on a day-to-day basis

Providing all employees with the best possible working conditions

In order to form high-quality bonds with their customers, employees must first feel comfortable in their career, position and team. With this in mind, the Carrefour Group has introduced an effective work organisation scheme that respects employee needs.

Balancing work and personal time
Whenever possible, Carrefour tries to increase the numbers of hours worked by its part-time employees, who account for less than 24% of its total staff. Employees may also move towards full-time employment with our job-versatility scheme. Through this scheme, they can work in another department in the store or in another position and develop new skills.

As a signatory of the Parenthood Charter, Carrefour is committed to implementing concrete initiatives to help its employees strike a better balance between their work and their lives as parents. In Spain, for example, employees can now add annual leave to paternity leave.

Carrefour also assumes responsibility for the health and safety of its employees. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, the Group ensures that its employees comply with hygiene and safety regulations, providing accident-prevention training, running awareness-raising campaigns and conducting regular audits of its facilities. For several years, Carrefour has also been pursuing an approach aimed at preventing workplace psycho-social risks and is trying to tackle musculoskeletal problems by introducing, for example, ergonomic equipment at its hypermarkets and supermarkets to limit handling operations.


Constructive dialogue

Carrefour earns the trust of its employees by listening to their needs and working with them. This also promotes individual and collective progress. At Carrefour, each employee is invited to discuss how they would like their careers to develop and the training they would like to receive during their annual appraisal with their manager. Employee surveys are also carried out on a regular basis in order to take stock of their views and hear their comments in relation to certain key subjects. Social dialogue is also part of Carrefour’s corporate culture. The Group is a pioneer in terms of union representation at all levels of the company.

Motivating compensation and benefits

In addition to remuneration packages designed to motivate its employees, Carrefour also offers a number of attractive employee benefits. For example, the Group encourages employees to save through a Group savings plan which includes 6 diversified funds, one of which aims to increase employee shareholding. At December 2012, Group employees held 1.17% of the company’s share capital.

And employee benefit schemes adapted to local practices have been introduced in all the companies in which the Group operates. This way, Carrefour helps improve the daily lives of its employees and their families, in particular through mutual health insurance or discounts on purchases.

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